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Welcome to Marriage in Mind HookUps!


- A place where best people meet.

- A place where best minds come together.

- A hub where true love begins.

- Uniquely for upscale serious minded persons.

There is always someone for everyone. That perfect someone could be right here waiting to be a blessing to you.


This forum is solely for long term relationships that lead to marriage if the partners find each other suitable.

  1. You are free to change a partner if you realize they are not exactly who you want in life.
  2.  You are free to hook up with people in any part of the world and the two of you can decide on where to settle ( live) before or after marriage. –
  3. Members must have a job/career/business or desire to have these( job/career/business) before hooking up with someone in our network. Most of our members prefer responsible persons.
  4.  Members are free to join any of our get together cocktail dinners organized in Los Angeles/Dallas and London once a year. We always notify members 6 months before any event is to take place.
  5. Members are expected to be extremely polite to one another since rude behaviors might cause one to lose their membership. In case you disagree with someone endeavor to settle it in a more subtle manner. Our tradition here is to be polite, be the best and leave the best memories in the minds of our partners( suitors)
Lyle, 35 years oldPaoy Pet, Cambodia
Wallace, 33 years oldThimphu, Bhutan
Kyle, 37 years oldSaint Peter Port, Guernsey
Reginald, 27 years oldToronto, Canada
Phyllis, 36 years oldVavuniya, Sri Lanka
Stacy, 22 years oldCorozal, Colombia
Algernon, 28 years oldRavar, Iran
Kyle, 44 years oldOuezzane, Morocco
Norton, 21 years oldSaint Peter Port, Guernsey
Clive, 45 years oldMevo Betar, Israel
Lucy, 31 years oldSeogwipo, South Korea
Noel, 29 years oldLes Cayes, Haiti
Francine, 37 years oldNew Amsterdam, Guyana
Lydia, 38 years oldCu Chi, Vietnam
Cecilia, 40 years oldSisak, Croatia
Wilhelmina, 31 years oldKokkola, Finland
Harvey, 50 years oldLashkar Gah, Afghanistan
Anna, 34 years oldAl Fahahil, Kuwait
Nathan, 42 years oldVictoria, Seychelles
Estelle, 42 years oldDubai, United Arab Emirates
Victoria, 39 years oldKokkola, Finland
Estelle, 31 years oldSittwe, Myanmar
Andrew, 25 years oldSaint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda
Ruby, 40 years oldGjovik, Norway
Yvonne, 47 years oldSan Martin, Argentina
Isaac, 39 years oldBaardheere, Somalia
Theodore, 36 years oldMamoudzou, Mayotte
Priscilla, 25 years oldBasseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Lily, 28 years oldSavanna-la-Mar, Jamaica
Lonnie, 23 years oldAr Rayyan, Qatar
Peter, 47 years oldKadugli, Sudan
Lucille, 38 years oldKhash, Afghanistan
Lorinda, 26 years oldAl ‘Aziziyah, Iraq
Lionel, 24 years oldArish, Egypt
Adelaide, 27 years oldAr Rutbah, Iraq
Nelson, 46 years oldLondonderry County Borough, United Kingdom
Raquel, 26 years oldHarare, Zimbabwe
Jack, 29 years oldZaranj, Afghanistan
Reginald, 28 years oldTbeng Meanchey, Cambodia
Jemima, 42 years oldBasseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Ivor, 45 years oldWaterloo, Belgium
Roxanna, 41 years oldPuerto Armuelles, Panama
Leila, 25 years oldAl Ahmadi, Kuwait
Paula, 28 years oldByumba, Rwanda
Sophia, 32 years oldSelibaby, Mauritania
Sophia, 36 years oldSkarzysko-Kamienna, Poland
Basil, 47 years oldSakete, Benin
Arnold, 27 years oldSoignies, Belgium
Abigail, 23 years oldKufstein, Austria
Leona, 51 years oldGowurdak, Turkmenistan
Victor, 52 years oldFes al Bali, Morocco
Alison, 20 years oldKusong, North Korea
Sylvia, 34 years oldSalima, Malawi
Chester, 43 years oldFunafuti, Tuvalu
Hugh, 21 years oldAl Quwaysimah, Jordan
Angus, 22 years oldTambacounda, Senegal
Maurice, 33 years oldKayar, Senegal
Polly, 39 years oldBasseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Belinda, 48 years oldBrazzaville, Republic of the Congo
Maximilian, 49 years oldGhormach, Afghanistan
Natalie, 28 years oldBalyqshy, Kazakhstan
Patrick, 38 years oldLuxembourg, Luxembourg
Jean, 37 years oldNew Amsterdam, Guyana
Winfred, 28 years oldThimphu, Bhutan
Lloyd, 25 years oldMongu, Zambia
Zacky, 43 years oldDemba, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Valentine, 33 years oldYangiqo‘rg‘on, Uzbekistan
Madeline, 21 years oldBoda, Central African Republic
Adele, 23 years oldRMI Capitol, Marshall Islands
Emmanuel, 42 years oldLaayoune / El Aaiun, Western Sahara
Danielle, 26 years oldSaint Helier, Jersey
Tristram, 27 years oldSaint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda
Barry, 29 years oldKhost, Afghanistan
Olivia, 49 years oldKopavogur, Iceland
Marion, 22 years oldMigori, Kenya
Henry, 53 years oldLubao, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Gloria, 31 years oldJuticalpa, Honduras
Jeremy, 29 years oldBerlin, Germany
Clara, 34 years oldHoniara, Solomon Islands
Timothy, 33 years oldRoi Et, Thailand
Fabian, 29 years oldAti, Chad
Vanessa, 24 years oldCheb, Czech Republic
Arthur, 45 years oldNajran, Saudi Arabia
Saul, 44 years oldFaqus, Egypt
Brandon, 29 years oldSaraipali, India
Octavia, 39 years oldFontem, Cameroon
Glenda, 32 years oldZacatecoluca, El Salvador
Emil, 39 years oldMosonmagyarovar, Hungary
Shauna, 26 years oldKiffa, Mauritania
Anastasia, 47 years oldPaoua, Central African Republic
Leah, 49 years oldKaga Bandoro, Central African Republic
Violetta, 28 years oldAhuachapan, El Salvador
Clemency, 23 years oldBasseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Una, 27 years oldMonywa, Myanmar
Thelma, 25 years oldCojutepeque, El Salvador
Hazel, 48 years oldAssab, Eritrea
Colin, 34 years oldOuagadougou, Burkina Faso
Frederick, 31 years oldPaphos, Cyprus
Gwendolen, 37 years oldSiilinjarvi, Finland
Jack, 40 years oldGeorge Town, Cayman Islands
Sanford, 22 years oldQazvin, Iran
Una, 36 years oldLa Gomera, Guatemala
Felicia, 33 years oldSukuta, Gambia
Xavier, 26 years oldRakvere, Estonia
Christine, 33 years oldNuuk, Greenland
Miriam, 38 years oldSanta Maria, Cape Verde
Travis, 51 years oldNuku‘alofa, Tonga
Lona, 39 years oldSan Miguel, El Salvador
Bonnie, 34 years oldKissidougou, Guinea
Aileen, 42 years oldMindelo, Cape Verde